The vehicle we have designed is commonly known as a streamliner, examples of which are Donald Campbell's famous Bluebird Goldenrod and current record holder Al Teague of the World Land Speed Record for wheel driven vehicles. The design criteria being to shape the body to give maximum efficiency whilst moving through the air at high speed. An exhaustive wind tunnel testing and evaluation program at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and the ensuing report, resulted in a very aerodynamically efficient design, giving a C.D. (co-efficient of drag) of only 0.135. The Porsche Carrera, for example, has a C.D. of 0.350. Basic construction of the vehicle revolves around a steel monocoque tub section. This method of construction was pioneered by Colin Chapman in producing the Lotus 25 Chassis used during their 1962 Formula One Championship season. Sheet steel was rolled into shape, wrapped around twenty-two formers (or bulkheads) in the tube and then riveted tight with 4,500 monobolts creating an enormously stiff structure. The monocoque is approximately 7 metres long and carries all the mechanical components.

Advanced Automotive Research and Development in the mechanical design combined both past and present technologies. The turbo charged twin Rolls Royce Meteor MK 4B engines developed from supercharged Merlin engines used in the Mustang and Spitfire fighters of World War II fame are well advanced even by today's standards. They have shaft drive overhead cams, three piece construction (head, cylinder and block), wet sleeve cylinders, four valves per cylinder and dry sump system. The choice of these engines was first and foremost for reliable horsepower, capable in full racing form of ultimately producing a maximum safe 2,500 BHP per engine. To break the existing records, only approximately 1,500 BHP per engine will be required although the L.S.R. vehicle's drive line limitations as constructed is a maximum speed of 570 mph at 4,000 rpm. To reach the full  engine potential modifications will be made possible through information provided by the on-board computer during test runs and the eventual L.S.R attempt. The choice of Allison transmissions and Monroe suspension systems was one of both advanced technology and suitability to perform the task required. The relatively low rev range the Meteor V12 operates at (4,000 rpm maximum) enabled the fitting of twin HT 741 automatic transmissions. These highly modified units are fitted with Allison Transmission Electronic Control (A.T.E.C.) the most significant design advancement in the history of Allison Transmissions. Allison Transmission Electronic Control enables push button gear selection with both transmissions synchronised by computers to give split second timing between front and rear transmissions. While the power is transmitted through a unique 4WD system specially designed for the vehicle.

 The special L.S.R. tyre is of nylon cross-ply construction and mounted on cast magnesium split rim similar to those currently used in aviation. It has a tread thickness of only 0.5mm and inflated to between 130 and 150 psi. On high speed runs it will spin at 5,600 rpm. The operating temperature at record speed of 450 mph (720 km/h) will be at the same level as the standard automobile tyre reaches at 100 mph (160 km/h).



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